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What To Do When Your Washing Machine Smells

May 08, 2018

 No one enjoys walking into their laundry room and discovering that their front loading washing machine smells like mildew. We’re going to give you some easy steps to clean your washing machine and get rid of that mildew smell, and also explain what you can do to get avoid the problem in the


Is Your TV Preventing You From Enjoying True Surround Sound?

Mar 01, 2018

With the vast array of TV’s, Receivers, Blu-Ray Players, Game Consoles and Soundbars, a popular method of organizing your electronics is to connect everything directly to your TV via HDMI, then have a single audio connection from your TV to your Soundbar, Home Theatre system, etc. Essentially


Yamaha WX010 Wireless Speaker Review

Feb 07, 2018

Recently we had the chance to demo the Yamaha WX010 Wireless Speaker. This speaker is part of Yamaha’s MusicCast line of products, which feature the ability to pair & sync speakers throughout your home, utilizing your Wi-Fi connection.

Out Of The Box / Setup
The beautiful thing about


Ears Up! Starting Your HiFi Journey With The Best System Under $1000

Jan 23, 2018

Music never sounds better than when played through a proper Hi-Fi system. A powerful receiver with an amazing set of speakers can bring you onto the stage, or into the recording studio with your favourite artists. It also has the power to bring the big cinema experience right into your living